Service changes

Service changes

We had a really positive year with athletes making progress across the board. Despite the positive race outcomes, I think it’s important to note the road is rarely straight and there are plenty of bumps the athlete and coach need to negotiate along the way.  I see communication as the key tool in overcoming those and they are still integral to our coaching services.

We are moving to a new platform called Todays Plan. This will allow better team visibility of the athletes training and greater customisation in our analysis.

We are also including screening costs in the athlete’s coaching fees. This involves a session with the physio and strength and conditioning coach either in person or remotely. It helps to assess needs of the strength & conditioning programme but also helps me to determine individual training load. We have found training time missed has been greatly reduced after the introduction of the screening and team input.

Hayden Allen is also taking up more of a role within the services aligned with the new training software to disseminate training data along with continuing to develop field testing protocols.

Service costs

We are continuing to offer two individual coaching services distinguished by the amount of feedback and time the coach spends on the athletes training software. On the plus service (£210pcm) the coach checks the software each weekday and on the standard service (£150pcm) the coach checks in to the training software once a week

What you receive for the monthly coaching fee:

  1. Today’s Plan subscription and programming.
  2. Training phase reports including feedback and analysis
  3. Yearly mapping within the training software
  4. Race planning and feedback
  5. In person or remote movement screening session x2
  6. Decision making from a professional multi-disciplinary team
  7. Regular communication with your coach
  8. Strength and Conditioning programme 
  9. Educational resources to support your training and racing
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