Mallory Park Communication

Mallory Park Communication

We are sad to announce that with Race Rapid Mallory departing as operators of the Mallory Park Circuit we are no longer delivering aerodynamic testing or group coached bike sessions from that venue.

We have loved developing our services, being part of an amazing community and meeting athletes we work with there. Rob the owner of Race Rapid developed the venue superbly over the years and it’s a big loss to the sport.

Considering the work we have already started with the testing and group sessions, we have alternative venues to deliver these services moving forward.

The bike session is being delivered at Leicester Cycle Circuit from 1800-1900 on a Thursday evening and this is best suited for developing and practising skills specific to draft legal racing.

We have started testing at outdoor velodromes using the same sensors for estimating aerodynamic drag and plan to have booking location and availability ready for April when the weather improves.

Coached Open Water sessions will also be available once again from another venue in May.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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