European Duathlon championships Results

European Duathlon championships Results

Four athletes competed in the European Duathlon championships, two in the sprint and two in the standard. The bike course was really interesting for this one with practically half the race uphill and half the race downhill. We did a lot of work on analysing the route to make sure the right equipment choices were made and pacing was planned appropriately, along with plenty of specific preparation sessions in training. Despite having one particularly steep section, the rest of climbing was a fairly shallow gradient with wide roads meaning position still made a big impact. All four athletes had really strong performances.

Sharon Taylor 1st in age group sprint distance

Overall time 1:16:27 1st run 20:23 bike 40:46 2nd run 11:13

This rounds off a great season for Sharon. A lot of positive of performances have resulted in 4th In the big races so it’s nice to be on the top spot for this one!

Caroline Ainscough 15th in age group sprint distance

Overall time 1:24:38 1st run 23:40 bike 43:37 2nd run 12:23

A really successful return to competitive racing for Caroline after pregnancy. She has a big family so we’ve been working on making the most of the small training opportunities available in the week.

Owen James 2nd in age group standard distance

Overall time 1:57:27 1st run 34:47 bike 1:01:07 2nd run 17:57

Owen executed the plan really well here to push the bike leg which resulted in a closely fought battle for 1st place.

Lindsy James 2nd in age group standard distance

Overall time 2:15:52 1st run 40:22 bike 1:10:22 2nd run 20:18

Lindsy also nailed the plan to come through strong on the bike and the second run.

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