Physiology Testing – How we prescribe our training

Physiology Testing – How we prescribe our training

You may remember last year during the first lockdown, we introduced you to the bike testing we were completing in the field with supported athletes. We had some great conversations with those who tried it and hopefully it helped to spark some thoughts for your own training. This time we are looking at case studies on the athletes we support.

The basic premise of the testing is to decipher the relationship between maximal and submaximal parameters of each athlete. For the maximal part, we use an individualised step to exhaustion and for the submaximal part, we use a 2 trial Critical Power protocol. With the information derived, we alter interval prescription and training intensity distribution to target certain outcomes. You can find out more on a previous blog written by Hayden our physiologist here..

We have these athletes as case studies as they are at two ends of the spectrum, one utilising a low percentage of max and with a high energy reserve (W’) [Alex] and the other utilising a high percentage of max with a lower energy reserve [Owen]. Consequently, the interval prescription for each has been very different but with both completing a similar amount of moderate steady work, which is the majority of the training they do. Both have previously completed higher volumes of training and were very consistent with their training over the past year, along with successful adherence to recovery, physio, strength and conditioning, and nutrition practices.

Check out the video for insights from the athletes along with more interpretation and explanation from Hayden.

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